Nurse Builders provides consultation to health care organizations regarding mentoring, education, research and leadership in nursing.

Nurse Builders provides consultation for health care organizations on the development, implementation and evaluation of mentoring programs. Dr. Louise Jakubik is a national nursing expert in mentoring. Her research specifically addresses mentoring benefits for individual nurses and the organizations in which they work. In addition, she is a keynote speaker on mentoring in nursing.

Nursing Education
Nurse Builders can design your nursing education curriculum, provide support and mentoring for your nurse presenters, and evaluation of your nursing education programs. Dr. Jakubik is well-known for her expertise in curriculum design and application of adult learning principles to create nursing education programs that are effective and fun! Dr. Jakubik provides consultation to health care organizations regarding development, implementation, and evaluation of nursing education programs.

Nurse Builders can help you to build and develop your nursing research initiatives. Dr Jakubik is a nurse researcher with a focus on mentoring among bedside nurses. Nursing research consultation includes services such as education for nurses regarding research and the research process and assistance with implementation of research studies in nursing organizations.

Nurse Builders provide individualized service based on each client's unique needs for leadership development or consultation. Whether you need consultation on a specific workplace situation or are interested in developing a leadership development program, our consultants are available to meet your needs. We offer onsite consultation, presentations, and workshops for organizations. We are also available for participation at regional and national conferences. In addition, we offer consultation on practice issues such as dealing with difficult people, communication, teamwork, motivation, change and mentoring.

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